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Mimi ON Apr 01, 2009 AT 3:30 pm



I recently paid a visit to one of my favourite beauty boutiques, Content,  just off Marylebone High Street, to visit their in-house Naturopath, Andrèa Wardle. I wanted to know how my body was running on the inside and whether there was anything I could do to be, well, healthier.

I went for the VLA analysis – The Vitality, Longevity and Anti-Ageing program that is designed to enhance energy and encourage healthy ageing – fabulous! The focus of the VLA Program is keeping the ‘fat off’ and the ‘muscle on’ which I am told is the key to long-term weight management and the foundation of healthy ageing.  

What I absolutely loved from the outset was the friendly service and advice you get the minute you walk in the door at Content, be it organic face cream or naturopathic medicine, these girls know their stuff.

When I made the booking I was asked to complete an extensive online questionnaire about my body. This really helps the Naturopath to do her work before she’s even met you and also brings any ailments to the front of mind – I had quite a few which I was surprised about.



My consultation was in a private room with Andrèa and lasted about 1hr 30, it was more of a chat really about my health; what’s going on in the inside and a few personal, but very relevant questions. Andrèa, with her 10 years experience, then pieces all the information together to pinpoint weak areas within the body.

As well as diet and exercise considerations there are a number of physiological reasons why the body may store, instead of burn fat. Andrèa discussed examples such as insulin resistance, high cortisol or oestrogen levels, inflammation, digestive disorders and liver toxicity – hmm too many croissants and drinking sessions with the girls…

This session helps in identifying and treating any imbalances to ensure the body is functioning correctly. The best bit of all is when you get hooked up to a machine which reads your body composition, so fat mass, muscle mass and how well your cells retain fluids, fascinating stuff for a geek like me.  This was the first time that I have ever really known whether my body is healthy or not.

The magic little machine then reveals how old your body feels on the inside – so like a facial or a massage, with the help of Andrèa you can help maintain a healthy body and get rid of yo-yo dieting for good – hurrah!



The theory is that the more muscle you have and the more efficient it is the younger you stay – why didn’t I get taught this in science class at school.   Think of muscle as being like a furnace – the more you have the better you burn fat, produce energy and stay fit and strong.

Once your body age is revealed Andrèa emails you a full program with food and lifestyle suggestions to improve the results of the test. I can’t rave about this treatment enough, get to know what your body needs, make sure you don’t lose valuable muscle, but the fat instead to achieve and maintain that perfect body you have always dreamed of and age gracefully – amazing.

Trick or Treat?
100% treat

Initial Consultation    90 mins   £135.00      
Follow – up                45 mins    £75.00
BIA Introduction        20 mins    £45.00

14 Bulstrode St, Marylebone
020 3075 1006

For more information visit

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