Treatment Review: Jo Hansford

BATD ON Mar 12, 2009 AT 4:16 pm

Jo Hansford Salon

Jo Hansford Salon

I tend to refer to winter as my low maintenance season, with my whole body covered from head to toe in winter warmers, my beauty regime has somewhat slipped as of late. There has been more time inbetween pedicures, as my feet are safely and comfortably encased in woolly socks and boots. My self tan has mostly remained in the tube, the only time even an inch of skin is revealed is during my long luxurious baths.  All these slight beauty slips have gone generally unnoticed as of yet, I hope!However there is no escaping my winter weathered hair. Battered and blasted by the gale force winter winds, I want an intensive hair treatment to restore my locks to their former glory. In need of a good cut I decided to book myself an appointment pronto.

The Treament
I arranged for a consultation, cut and blow dry at Jo Hansford with Carly. Known as the hair colouring queen, my expectations were high.

What was it really like?
Arriving on Friday at 5pm the salon was a hive of activity, and the reception was a little chaotic to say the least. Once I was greeted, I was told to pick up a gown and be seated.  Soon after I was met by my stylist Carly and whisked off to a seat.  We had quite a lengthy consultation, which I was only too happy about, no nasty hair surprises there. Carly was full of advice and tips on how I could achieve my required look and we settled on a layered cut and a sweeping fringe. I laid back and relaxed as my hair was washed with Jo Hansford’s (recently launched) everyday shampoo filling the room with a delicious tangerine scent, I wondered why I had waited so long.

Jo Hansford Colour Care Everyday Range

Jo Hansford Colour Care Everyday Range

On to the cut, Carly was quick and efficient and explained what she was doing throughout which helped to put my mind at ease. Full of insider tips on how to style my hair and improve volume I felt well taken care of.  One of the stars of the show was in fact the blow dry. As many a girl knows, a good blow dry is hard to come by. I always measure it by how the hair looks the next day, I can confidently report that even after a night of sleeping my hair was full of volume and bounce.

Was it worth it?
I have had many a haircut, and I must say this one does stand out as one of the best. Carly not only knew exactly what she was doing but followed my instructions down to a tee.  I would definitely go back even for a blow dry alone, salon perfect hair lasting for two days in a row, now that’s what I call impressive.
Trick or Treat? Treat

Cut and Blow dry with Carly cost £80

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