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Mimi ON Apr 07, 2009 AT 9:47 am

Tommy Guns Brewer Street Salon

Tommy Guns Brewer Street Salon

By Alan Greenhalgh

The best haircut for me is the one that I am sorry to part with four weeks later.  Just as it’s finally firing on all cylinders it has to be reloaded.

So it’s off for a service at Tommy Guns – you can trust these guys as they’ve been on the frontline for fifteen years now. Their tag is laid-back professionalism and effortless style, but I found it a more magical experience.

Step back in Brewer Street and you would have found the smoke-ingrained leather of a Paul Raymond’s era Soho barbershop which has now been transformed to reveal the original purples and blues of Tommy Guns third salon in London. 

Greeted twice by the same-looking, dark-fringed assistant – but it actually turned out to be two different girls, I was whisked to the barber’s chair and presented with the biggest cappuccino this side of the Matterhorn.

Tommy Guns Brewer Street Interior

Tommy Guns Brewer Street Interior

Staring into the hall of mirrors bejeweled with crystalised taps with the brightness of Blackpool Illuminations gave me the sense of being at the fair. The smells of orange and lime, plums and figs used in the texturing pastes that will soon define my hair took me back to the candy shop. But the sweetest selection is my hairdresser Al, who confides that his style is about honesty – keeping it grey for guys, a long fringe with high widow peaks just drags the face down, and is fooling nobody, and thinning scissors are a sure sign of a lazy barber. He tells me hairdressing is all about illusion and soon I’m mesmerized by his fast, sharp scissor-wands, and fashion banter about the tricks of celebrities and their disappearing extensions. Suddenly, cut short by an ill-wind from the hairdryer, that sent the shards of my, by now, pointy hair into the foamy peaks of my cappuccino, the show was over. 

Thrusting a few coppers into the passed-round box I was back on the streets of Soho but my heart was captured by the beautiful, sleek rabbit that had been pulled from the hat and I was now wearing on my head. Shows every half hour, book now. Highly recommended.

Trick or Treat, Most def a treat!

Tommy Guns
52 Brewer Street
London W1F 9TQ
T: 020 7287 0011

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