TRIA Laser Hair Removal Diary: Part 2

BATD ON Oct 07, 2009 AT 12:00 pm

Have you tried laser hair removal?

Have you tried laser hair removal?

TRIA is one of the very few beauty impulse buys that I have ever made and at £675 I was seriously sweating when handing over my credit card.  When TRIA arrived I was a little apprehensive as I removed what looked a bit like a travel hair dryer from its box, but I settled down to read the instruction booklet while the device charged away.  I decided to tackle my underarms and bikini firstI thought small areas would be the best way to start and I was right.  The first time I used TRIA it probably took me about 10-15 minutes to treat each underarm but now I’m an expert I’m down to about 5 minutes

I shaved the areas as instructed and then turned the device to its highest intensity (it has three levels and the higher the level the more effective the treatment).  I was amazed at how easy TRIA was to use.   I placed the sensors against my skin and pressed and the laser fired and off I went moving TRIA over my skin until I had completed an area. 

TRIA is not exactly pain free, but it is bearable even at its highest intensity.  It feels warm and there is the occasional pinging sensation, similar to being flicked with an elastic band!  But I found if I followed the instructions and shaved the area before treatment; any pain was kept to a minimum.  For my really sensitive areas on the inside leg of my bikini line I turned down the intensity for the first couple of sessions.  As the hair density lessened so did the pain and by the third treatment I was fully powered up!

TRIA at home laser hair removal system

TRIA at home laser hair removal system

Even after the first treatment I noticed that the hair that grew back was lighter and finer and by the third treatment there was a significant differenceI used TRIA once every three weeks as instructed and as time went on I noticed the rate of hair growth was slower and I could wait longer to shave between treatments.  This really gave me the incentive to stick with the regime because I could tell it was working.

I’ve now completed six treatments and I’m satisfied that the hair is not returning.  Best of all my ingrown hair problem disappeared.  TRIA has freed up such a huge amount of my time and effort and I can happily say it’s transformed my life.  I don’t feel self conscious about my hair any more. It’s great not to worry about waxing appointments and shaving and knowing that I am smooth and hair free at all times!  I’m now moving onto my legs!

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