TRIA Laser Hair Removal Diary: Part 1

BATD ON Sep 30, 2009 AT 11:30 am

Why not try at home laser hair removal?

Why not try at home laser hair removal?

I’m definitely a skin freak. Having smooth, hair free skin is very important to me.  I don’t even consider myself a particularly hairy woman either; I’d say I was quite normal.  I do have dark hair so it’s probably a bit more noticeable, but I know that even my lighter haired friends have the same problems. 

The worst thing about shaving and waxing is not just the inconvenience, it’s the lumps and bumps that these methods leave behind.  For me waxing leaves ingrown hairs so in addition to the vast amounts of money I’ve spent on waxing over the years, I’ve also spent a fortune on exfoliators to try and keep the bumps under control. I don’t find shaving a good alternative because hair starts returning in 24 hours, so it’s a constant battle.

TRIA at home laser hair removal system

TRIA at home laser hair removal system

The most annoying thing about bikini waxing is the in between appointments stage.  For instance I remember going away on a 2 week beach holiday with my boyfriend.  It was at an awkward stage in the relationship when I was trying to give the impression I was a natural goddess.  The last thing I wanted him to discover when running his hands all over me was bumps and tufts of hair I may have missed!  It was great for the first few days, but then things started sprouting again and I spent a great deal of time with a pair of tweezers, secretly tweezing away at stray hairs.  It’s no way to live but we’ve all done it!

Of course I had considered laser hair removal. I even got as far as having test patches at a clinic and my hair seemed to respond well, apparently I was an ideal candidate with pale skin and dark hair. The problem for me was the time investment.  It was the commitment to have to be at the clinic at least once every 4 weeks for 8 months that put me off.  I have a busy job and I work long hours and I knew in my heart of hearts that I would miss appointments and the money I was spending (upwards of £800) would be wasted.  So when I stumbled across a beauty device called TRIA, a laser hair removal system that can be used at home, via a glowing online review, I thought I had found the Holy Grail!

Read next week’s instalment to find out how great the results were.


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