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by Chrissy Iley

Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

Trish McEvoy Illuminating Cream Palette

I am very excited by Trish McEvoy’s Illuminating Cream Palette. I’m not sure a cream palette tells you exactly what it is. In fact it’s a weird description of what turns out to be a tiny box of miraculous enhancement.

I’ve long been a fan of cream blush, finding it blends more readily and looks a lot less clownish, so the Illuminating Palette has a pinkish gold bright and blendable blush and you can soften that with a Translucent Finishing Powder.

But the most exciting thing for me about the palette is the Cream Bronzer, which I’ve never heard of before. The Cream Bronzer makes you look instantly refreshed and relaxed. It’s a gentle golden thing which transforms not just your face but your headset. You look relaxed so you feel it.

It can be applied in a C-shape with brush, fingers or sponge, and it blends instantly. Goes well with the new Trish McEvoy Tinted Moisturizer for a total juicy dewy look.

The Illuminator is to highlight cheekbones. It looks pinkish on the palette but it is straightforward glow on the skin. It sparkles in a really fresh way.

The palette itself is small, has two layers and clicks shut. It fits cutely into your make-up bag and it’s a power tool – tiny, easy, and does a lot of work fast.

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