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Mimi ON Aug 30, 2011 AT 2:40 pm


Keep your nails healthy

If you find the sun helps you keep your nails nice and healthy, but have already been on your hot holiday this year, we’ve found some of the best products out there to keep them in tip top condition during this transitional season.

Check out our top nail care products below…


Get yourself a really nourishing hand cream to begin with. We love Dr Organic Organic Manuka Honey Hand & Nail Cream (£5.69, www.hollandandbarrett.com) for intensive nourishment for our hands and nails. It smells lovely and leaves your skin silky soft, as well as helping soften your cuticles ready for further pampering.


The next important stage to healthier nails is to always make sure that your cuticles and soft and trimmed or pushed back. We love the Essie Apricot Cuticle oil (10.50, www.lookfantastic.com) which is perfect to pop on before bed to soak in overnight. For a quick fix, soak it in for 10 minutes, take an orange stick and gently push your cuticles back, leaving your nails smooth and well shaped at the base. The orange sticks can then be used to take any dirt from underneath your nails as well.


Nail Care

Tuesday's Top Nail Care: Dr Organic Hand & Nail Cream, Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil, Leighton Denny buffer, Nail Doctor Sudden Strength and Rimmel Lycra Pro varnish



Make sure your nails are smooth and ridge free (especially if you’re only wanting a natural nail or simple clear varnished look) by investing in a good buffer stick. The best ones have a file, buffer, smoother and shiner to use after each other to leave your nails looking super shiny and ready for polish. This can be a great way to buff away any nail staining too.

We love Leighton Denny Trio Nail Buffer, £5.15 – www.boots.com

Top and Base Coat

These are essential if you want to stop staining and make sure your manicures last. We love The Nail Doctor Sudden Strength treatment to start off with as it’s good value for money and give your nails a great strengthening, anchoring layer for further polish (£7.15, www.boots.com). For a Topcoat we love the Clearly Clear Lycra Pro Nail polish (£4.59, www.boots.com) from Rimmel. It’s not specifically a top coat but it works better than most we’ve previously tried and leaves your nails super shiny!

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