Tuesday’s Top Tinted Moisturisers

Mimi ON Jul 05, 2011 AT 2:02 pm

Get flawless skin without the heavy foundation

Get flawless skin without the heavy foundation

In the first edition of our new column, ‘Tuesday’s Top…’, I thought I’d give you five of THE best tinted moisturisers on the market at the moment, as voted for by Team BATD.

We all know that a boiling hot summer’s day doesn’t exactly go well with a full face of makeup (I’m thinking more of a melting pot situation), so finding the lighter formula alternatives to your heavy, winter foundation is very important. However what is MORE important than this, is finding an alternative that doesn’t lack in coverage, quality and wearbility. This is where tinted moisturisers come in…

These tubes of a hint of colour with hydration are the perfect thing for people that need or want coverage for that flawless complexion but:

a)      hate wearing makeup
b)      have dried out skin from an overused air-conditioning unit
c)      would just rather not pile it on a hot summer’s day.

So, we’ve being trialling and testing a whole host of tinted moisturisers over the last few months and have found five in particular, that really hit the spot for all our daily coverage needs.



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