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by Chrissy Iley

bareMinerals To Go Complexion Perfection Palette

bareMinerals To Go Complexion Perfection Palette

My tentative affair with bareMinerals began when I liked a lipstick. It was unexpectedly vibrant and juicy.

I had always dismissed the idea of their powdery make-up because I thought it was difficult to use or would make the skin dry.

I was packing for yet another long trip when I spotted their complexion perfection palette. It looked inviting.

Last time I’d been on a trip I got into a fight with German security in Dusseldorf. They told me I had too many products for my plastic bag. My see-through plastic bag was already full and they decided that lipstick was a liquid so they emptied it from my other make-up bag. Not everything fitted and products were confiscated, which really upset me.

I looked at the To Go Complexion Perfection Palette (£39.00) and thought how easy. This would slip in my hand luggage and make room for my see-through bag. However I’d never used it before and I wondered how bareMinerals coverage would work.

Fortunately for me the set comes with easy to follow instructions – a round brush and an tapered brush for defining.

First came the powder foundation. My skin is pale and I always have a problem matching colours. The pale shades are often too yellow or too pink. And when I have found the perfect shade – for me Le Métier de Beauté and Lancôme have both come up with shades that work wonderfully well for my skin tone, but the coverage is very full-on. Great for night time but too drag queen for the day.

I was pleasantly surprised by bareMinerals, shocked almost by the power of this foundation. After the foundation comes Touch Up Veil, so your look feels more put together. The coverage is extraordinary and it’s totally different from anything I’ve used before.

The texture is incredible. It looks like your naked face has suddenly taken on the contours of a much younger and more defined self. The illusion is that you’re not wearing make-up at all yet your face has better coverage than most other brands of liquid foundation.

I read the Sea Nutritive Mineral is responsible for delivering this soft, smooth, younger looking skin. If so it is a miracle mineral. How can something that is basically a powder moisturise? No idea, but it does.

A couple of hours in to my 11-hour flight to Los Angeles I reapplied make-up without leaving my seat. It stayed put for the rest of the flight, which surely is an incredible test. And what’s even better, my skin did not flake off with dryness. I couldn’t have been more impressed, except for the price. This whole box of tricks is only £39.

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