Vajazzling! Yes, You Heard It Right.

BATD ON Feb 26, 2010 AT 8:55 am

Will you be Vajazzled?

Waxing, trimming, shaving, dyeing and sugaring…is there nothing that we aren’t prepared to do to our nether regions? Watch out for the new USA trend for Vajazzling - hand applied crystal adornments on your vaj-j.

Needless to say, you need to have the full wax to make the most of this dazzling trend – and be prepared to let a therapist custom-create a design by spending really quite a long time focussing between your legs with a pot of glue, a packet of crystals and a pair of tweezers.

We’re not sure we’re ready to be Vajazzled, especially as it is advised that no vigorous activity should take place for a few days afterwards. And, its only five days before the crystals start to fall away, which could leave you looking a little Vadraggled.

If you fancy it, click here for more info.

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