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BATD ON Jun 29, 2010 AT 3:19 pm

Avery London

Avery London

Superstar Jennifer Lopez has said that she judges people “on how they smell, not how they look.” The owners of Avery Fine Perfumes certainly agree with this sentiment, and have designed every aspect of their shop to appeal to the senses. Advertised as the UK’s First Interactive Perfumery, Avery is a new, specialist fragrance shop that just opened last week in Mayfair. The store offers a variety of unique, luxury scents created by designers from all over the world.

Avery will carry brands from France, Tuscany and New York. Well known perfume labels including Andree Putman, Boadicea The Victorious, Stilly, Carthusia and Nasomatto, and more.

Even if you aren’t interested in dropping cash for exclusive scent, the store boasts a state of the art designed facility intended to make Avery an “Interactive Perfumery.” The interior of the shop uses wild birds as a design aesthetic, complete with aviaries full of decorated perfume bottles. Depending on where you are standing, customers will be able to hear the songs of different regional birds, due to hidden speakers placed strategically  through the shop. Avery also features motion sensor objects aimed to wow shoppers. The store has perfume bottles that lightly spray scents as shoppers pass by. Additionally, animatronic flowers are programmed to bloom whenever a light breeze touches them.

Sounds like a full-on fun day out rather than a nip to the shops for me then!

For more information check out the company’s website at

Happy scent searching!

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