Wakey Wakey

BATD ON Mar 04, 2009 AT 11:38 am

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

Mornings are still proving to be a challenge here at Beauty and the Dirt, so when we came across these zesty shower gels from Paul Mitchell, there was some unseemly tussling. Lavender Mint Moisturising Body Wash, £7.80, is just the right proportions of relaxing and invigorating to get us wide awake and ready to spot a celebrity indulging in an early breakfast. There’s a matching Lavender Mint Body Butter, £11, to get your skin feeling really zingy as well as bathed in hydration. If lavender isn’t your thing, there’s also Lemon Sage Energising Body Wash, £7.80 and Body Butter, £11, to give your brain a boost with zingy citrus instead. The ranges are both infused with antiseptic Tea Tree.

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