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Mimi ON Sep 08, 2009 AT 9:22 am

Wild Organics Beauty

Wild Organics Beauty

By Tamara

I have somewhat of an obsession with lime. I have lime in my beer, lime with my fajitas and last weekend I almost bought a lime tree until  I saw the price tag and realised I’d have to eat several hundred of the small green fruit before the purchase became worthwhile. Like many fragrances, lime can be hard to replicate when it comes to skincare products but I’ve recently discovered a brand that’s done precisely that. Wild Organics Beauty is the brainchild of former interior designer Alan Mackenzie (we all love a guy in touch with his feminine side) who firmly believes that traditional, natural ingredients are not only best for the environment but also for our skin.

Approved by Ecocert, the fabulous paraben-free range includes hand lotions, body washes, bath foams and sugar scrubs in six gorgeous varieties – the aforementioned Fresh Lime Flower, Red Clover, Gentle Meadowsweet, Mellow Peppermint, White Willow and last but not least, Marshmallow – all created using the finest organic ingredients. Mackenzie’s interior design credentials are also evident in the stylish bottles which feature clever click-down lids and coordinating packaging. The range is currently only available from QVC.com but we’re predicting global domination in the very near future….

Check out the range at www.wildorganicsbeauty.com

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