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Mimi ON Nov 09, 2011 AT 9:00 am

WAM Revolving Irons

WAM Revolving Irons

by Emma Skipper

I had the pleasure of heading down to Covent Garden hair mecca, Windle & Moodie a few weeks ago to see the salon and to get the low-down on two brand new and innovative hair tools that have been launched this month, and I was seriously impressed.

Windle & Moodie is tucked away on Shorts Garden and is run by hairdressing entrepreneur Paul Windle and renowned session stylist Neil Moodie. It has an amazing space for hairdressing and even has room for an academy that runs when the salon is closed to the public on Mondays. I head down first thing on Monday morning and had a chat with the lovely Neil Moodie who actually just back from an incredible shoot for the salon… just wait for the images, the hair styles are architectural masterpieces! Neil kindly took the time to take me through the salon’s newest brand additions; the WAM Revolving Iron (£75) and the WAM Speed Wefts (from £25).

The WAM Revolving Iron was first up and I was seriously impressed. It’s comes in three sizes 31 (for big waves), 25 (for medium waves/curls) and a 13 (for tight curls and ringlets) and has been designed to make curling your hair super easy. The barrel of the curling iron has been made to rotate smoothly and independently from the handle, meaning you no longer need to hold your arms at odd angles to curl the back of your hair!

Watch the video below to see how it works and listen to Neil take me through how to keep your hair volumised!

WAM Speed Wefts

WAM Speed Wefts

The second product I was taken through was the Speed Weft. Now, as a lover of temporary hair extensions, I was curious about these. They come in three styles; A Double Row, Single Row and Fringe and are amazing. The hair (synthetic but stylable up to 170˚C) is fixed on the head using a halo of nylon wire. All you have to do is place the wire on the crown of your hair and brush your own hair through it to fix it in place. I tried the single weft the other day to fix myself up a nice braid and was amazed. It was SO easy to use and I couldn’t feel it all day. My friends didn’t even register I had anything extra in!

Windle & Moodie have created some great ‘How-Tos’ for all their products and the Speed Weft is now expection. Just take a look at how easy it is below!

If you want to get your hands on these tools then head to Windle & Moodie salons or online at

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