We Have a Major Complex!

Mimi ON Mar 14, 2011 AT 8:39 am

Keratin Complex Volumizing Lift Powder

The miracle itself!

Keratin Complex Volumizing Lift Powder is a new product from Keratin Complex that we absolutely love!

The formula has been made to remove odour causing bacteria, soak up excess oil and refresh your hair. Plus, it’s small blusher-like packaging is designed for buffing the powder into the roots of you hair, dispensing the dry shampoo evenly and boosting volume.

It’s my new favourite handbag addition (especially as it can fit in my clutches) and is even, dare I say it, rivalling my Batiste Dry Shampoo cans.

You can find this little wonder product at top salons nationwide  or go to their website www.keratincomplex.co.uk

Price: £28.25 with a refill included! If you run out and are in a bind you can buy refills separately for £14.15.

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