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Mimi ON Aug 08, 2011 AT 8:50 am

Richard Ward Summer Protect

Richard Ward Summer Protect

Richard Ward has created four separate hair care collections, matching with the seasons, to give hair what it needs most at that time of the year.

The Spring will bring Detoxing to keep it healthy while Autumn will be made to Restore hair. Then we have the Winter line which will be all about Hydration. But for now we are still in the heat of Summer, so the line will kick off with products all meant to Protect. To rescue, reconstruct, and repair the damage the sun (or humidity, chlorine, pollution)  has already done.

This Summer seasons hair care package  is £27 (now £25), comes with four products, and works to weather-proof hair against sun, sea, chlorinated water, extreme temperatures and humidity.

This sounds like a must have for any one in the sun!


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