We’ve Got Eau’Lection Fever

Mimi ON Nov 06, 2012 AT 4:12 pm

Whilst we won’t be doing a ‘Madonna’ any time soon what we will divulge about our political persuasion is that when it comes to Bliss’ Eau’LectionO’Bama and ‘Mint’ Romney special limited edition body lotions, we’re torn.

Bliss Eau’lection Fever

Both are super cute – who doesn’t love a handy mini body lotion?

Both are smooth, luxurious and easily absorbed – we all want nourished, supple skin.

O’Bama is fruity, vibrant and energetic.

Mint Romney is fresh, clean and invigorating.

So which will you be supporting, erm, I mean, slathering? The minty Republican Red or orang-y Obama Blue?

We’d love to know, @BeautyantheDirt

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