What A Carry On!

Jourdana ON Jul 23, 2013 AT 2:00 pm

Aesop Carry On Travel Case

I’m a sucker for a miniature beauty buy. Surely it’s what holidays, especially the long-weekenders, were made for? Show me a shampoo, moisturiser, hell, even a deodorant in a diddy 30 – 50 ml bottle and I’m sold. I’ve even been known to stalk the department store beauty counters, forking out for premium skincare in the pursuit of those teeny tiny, gym-bag worthy sample size GWPs of my favourites.

It’s a strange beauty fetish really when you consider the multiple decanting possibilities. From Boots to Muji, there’s an empty and diminutive bottle, tube, tub and spritz that would happily house any and all of my numerous skin, hair and body care daily essentials, making them ever-so portable, carry-on and handbag-happy.

And yet, there’s something about decanting that sits uneasily with me and my luxe beauty splurges. It just doesn’t seem right somehow, transferring potent, high performance products from their sturdy, silver encasing into flimsy and flaccid £1.99 bottles. In fact it’s erring on beauty treason. And whilst many beauty brands are downsizing their cult products or creating trial sized sets, there will always be those elusive few who rarely venture below 100ml. And it is for those that I will be investing in Aesop’s Carry-On Travel Case.

Featuring a transparent carry case, plastic and reusable TSA-compliant 100ml bottles and 15g pots, all emblazoned with Aesop’s signature amber-hued packaging, decanting doesn’t get more decadent than this. There are even blank labels to make identifying your beloved beauty buys easier.

So much for a carry on. This is beauty packing perfection.

Aesop Carry On Travel Case, £13, Aesop.com

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