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It's Christmas - time to get grooming!

It's Christmas - time to get grooming!

By Dil Uppal


Every year I’m emailed by tonnes of very considerate ladies asking what to buy their husbands/boyfriends/sons for Christmas/birthdays/anniversaries. Well here are a few of my top selections this year! Lots of things guys would like for Christmas and couple of things they’d love to have but may not buy for themselves…

Guys – take a look, you might find something to add to your list!

In the interest of making the process as pain-free as possible, I’ve chosen products from one of my favourite male grooming retailers Niven & Joshua – they stock luxury, cult and just-plain-good grooming gear. Never had a problem ordering from them and the prices are competitive.



Merkur 4″ Professional Tweezers (£11.50) – Ever had a pair of tweezers go missing? Guess who’s got ‘em! These tweezers from Merkur are tough, durable and excellent quality. Unibrow no more!

eShave Verbena Lime Start Up Kit (£30) – I love the award-winning Verbena Lime range from eShave and this handy kit contains mini shaving products for guys that want to step up their shaving game. You get a brilliant shaving oil, cream and after shave lotion as well as a Genuine Badger Hair Shave Brush. Not bad for £30!

men-u Clay (£9.95) – It’s bloody difficult trying to find a properly matte hair product (i’m using a gross Vo5 one at the moment, need to stock up!) but this one from Men-u is perfect. Smells good, great for the bed heads!


I’ve chosen three skincare sets, all good in their own ways! I’ve tried all three of these at some point and can firmly put my stamp of approval on them – brilliant in terms of ingredients as well as results!  
For the first timer
Zirh Best Seller Kit (£41) This kit from the hugely popular Zirh contains all four of their award winning products in a simple routine. Face wash, scrub, shaving gel and moisturiser. They’re all packaged in robust, masculine-looking packaging, perfect if you’re looking to start someone on a skincare routine this Christmas.  

For the intermediate… Eyre BioBotanics Daily Basics Kit (£34) – This one’s for someone who already uses grooming products. The Eyre line is particularly good for sensitive and dry skin, I personally love this one.  

For the old-timer… Anthony Logistics Anti-Ageing Starter Kit (£50) – This is a fantastic kit for guys that’re concerned about the onset of wrinkles. Proven ingredients, good concentrations and the proper packaging – you may just want to snag one for yourself! You get a serum, moisturiser and eye cream.

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