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by Chrissy Iley

Dr Murad Youth Builder Supplement

Dr Murad Youth Builder Supplement

Dr Murad has always been a pioneer with his outlook and regimes. He was one of the first doctors to take a holistic approach to better skin, i.e. it doesn’t matter what face cream, expensive or otherwise, you apply if what’s going on inside your body doesn’t promote health and hydration.

He was one of the first doctors to approach the skin from the inside out. I remember my Los Angeles friend being involved in one of his many trials. One of them was called the Eat Your Water Diet where she had to replace at least one glass of water with a serving or raw fruit or vegetable per day as part of a trial to show she would stay hydrated for longer as well as getting the added boost of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. My friend was very much a fast food girl, so this was a radical plan for her and after three weeks it really showed in her face. She also had to take skin pills. I’m not sure if these are the same as the ones Dr Murad now offers but after 6 weeks she looked ten yeas younger – the difference was shocking.

I have been taking a Murad supplement called Youth Builder (£55.00) designed to combat the signs of aging from the inside. It claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, up to 34 per cent in five weeks, and to increase collagen production and elasticity.

Dr Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack

Dr Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack

I like Dr Mural’s approach. He encourages you to make ‘additions’ rather than deletions in your lifestyle. I like the idea that more is always more and hate the idea of having to make sacrifices. The Youth Builder supplements contain the specific ingredients needed for helping younger and smoother skin. Even if you eat extremely healthily it’s good to target specific requirements. Besides, in Murad’s Firm And Tone Dietary Supplement Pack (£119.00) there is more vitamin E per day than 67 avocadoes. I love avocadoes, but I’m not going to eat 67 of them.

Skin pills are curious inventions. While it was interesting to see a dramatic improvement in my friend, when you look in the mirror at yourself every day it’s hard to keep track of disappearing lines, it’s hard to notice the difference, it’s hard to look at yourself. After three weeks though I am noticing an improvement in my skin tone.

The other dietary supplement pack called Firm And Tone which, again, helps skin look younger, also purports to increase energy and improve sleep patterns, as well as making hair and nails grow faster. Weirdly, although Youth Builder didn’t tell me I would have improved energy, somehow I did. I also had dramatically improved nails. Who knew that the skin pills would have this added benefit?

As a holistic man, Dr Murad encourages you to go further than simply taking the pills. He advises eating berries and greens and moving around more, choosing an exercise that you will actually enjoy rather than view as a chore. He also encourages rest, and stresses the importance of sleep in allowing our body to regenerate and detoxify.

Of course you can try all of these things without the supplements, but who doesn’t love a jump-start and a pill that can make lines diminish and nails grow strong? Way better than 67 avocados!

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