Whitney Van Osdol : Part 2

Chrissy ON Jul 30, 2009 AT 12:59 pm

Loose curls ruled the red carpet

Loose curls ruled the red carpet

By Chrissy Iley

She recently worked the Emmys and the Oscars doing red carpet hair. “This season people didn’t seem to want to up dos that were so popular last year. Maybe they didn’t want the weight of the pins, or they were worried about it dropping during the night. I did a lot of feminine loose sexy hair with a curl. I did versions of finger waving that can either be tight, precise or much freer.”

How do you deal with someone that comes in and wants a huge change? “Most people resist change. And most people need a little change. You can show them something different that’s very affecting but only changes things slightly for the better. Just a slight change of shape can make a huge difference. I think stylists are also therapists as well. They know when people need to let go of something and you have to build up a trust together to be able to do that. Some people may want a change just for the sake of it, a mood, a whim. You have to work out what’s in their best interests and be gentle, help them know what they really want.”

What is she finding is the hottest look for right now? “People are growing their hair. Last season saw a lot of A-line bobs, like the one Victoria Beckham has. I think they got bored with that, so they’re loving a longer shaggier bob, and long choppy styles. The straight flat iron look is over. I don’t think it was ever very flattering to have such flat hair. You can have straight, but not at the roots. Sexier hair has more body.”

Wavy or curly? “Loose curls and crimping.”

Long or short? “Long. Clients want their long hair back because it’s more versatile, there are more options.”

Crimping and curls are big hair trends

Crimping and curls are big hair trends

Blonde or blonder? “No one wants the platinum hair like mine these days. It’s all about the golden, the burnished highlights, the more subtle blonde. My favourite thing is that femininity is back. I like to teach people the different options with their hair. How to transform one cut into different looks. I like waves because to me that equals womanly and sexy. I see women feeling confident and sure of themselves and getting strength from knowing they look good.”

Whitney is building a celebrity clientele that includes women that empower Hollywood and that style it (Rachel Zallas, an editor at Life and Style and soon to have her own what not to wear show is one of them).

What do they all have in common? “I like to teach people to take pride in their hair. Even if you are a lazy person and reach for the flat iron your hair is the last thing you should be lazy about. It can make you. I want to educate people to be the most they can be and to create a look that they can be proud to wear in different ways and never be bored with themselves. This is what I’ve learnt from Old Hollywood, that no matter what happens, and even if your life is falling apart, at least your hair looks good. And maybe if your hair looks good your life won’t fall apart.”

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