Yoga for Year ’09

BATD ON Jan 06, 2009 AT 3:04 pm

Yoga Roaming Workshops

Yoga Roaming Workshops

If, like me, you’ve started your detox plan for 2009, here’s something a little different (and charitable) to help you achieve your goals.

Manuka, the leading Yoga and Pilates clothing company is launching special Yoga Roaming workshops. Each two hour workshop will be taken by one of London’s leading yoga teachers with all of the money raised going directly to support the project Mozambique Matters.

Manuka Yoga Roaming will launch on the 24th of January with a series of winter detoxifying workshops taking place in various zen venues across London. The aim is to help people clear their mind, body and soul of any clutter, and help them enter 2009 in a positive state of wellbeing.

Where do I sign up?

To buy tickets visit and to find out more please visit

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