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Mimi ON May 24, 2011 AT 12:50 pm

Tangled hair

Tangled hair

by The Beauty Button

I’ve always been a bit dubious about leave-in conditioners, especially as I’d assumed they would just weigh my already lifeless hair down. However after a quick consult with celeb stylist to the stars Shan Rahimkhan and a fab chat with Take That’s hair stylist, Liz Taw (who is AMAZING by the by), I’ve changed my tune and have started seeking out new kinds of conditioning treatments that stay in, challenging my normal shampoo/condition hair routine. I’ve picked three of my favourite leave-in conditioners for you lovely lot and you can see just what made me change my mind below:

Best For Every Day:

The Shan Ramikhan Double Phase Leave-in Conditioner Spray

The Shan Ramikhan Double Phase Leave-in Conditioner Spray

This is a really light formula and has been specifically designed to volumise fine hair. Simply shampoo and towel dry your hair, spray the fine mist all over your barnet and comb through. It’s not the best for de-tangling – that’s the next recommendation – however it does the job well and is amazing for giving your hair natural-looking volume with minimal effort.

It also doesn’t make my hair greasy any quicker, which was a great way to dispel any of the negative connotations I’d previously associated with leave-ins.


The Best for Super Quick Conditioning and De-Tangling:

Unite 7Seconds Conditioner

UNITE 7 Seconds Conditioner

I swear by the Unite 7Seconds Conditioner after the gym. You literally only need a few sprays and you can run your fingers through straight away. It’s not the lightest conditioner for my super-fine hair, however this would be a great one for thicker, heavier hair that needs taming. Or, in my case, a quick condition after my morning gym routine… which is inevitably late anyway as I’ve pressed sleep on my alarm about four too many times already.

250ml, £14.85.

Best for leave-in styling treatment:

Sebastian Potion 9

Sebastian Potion 9

Whilst I was on the hunt for the third instalment for this feature, the lovely Liz Taw (celebrity hairstylist to the stars and the go-to-hair-girl for the boys from Take That on their tour) recommended Sebastian Potion 9 as the most amazing leave-in treatment for styling. I used it the other day and although it doesn’t have the same detangling qualities that the other two do, it definitely adds shine and keeps your hair feeling strong and nourished after heat styling with it’s yummy ingredients like Olive Oil and Evening Primrose Oil (rather than dehydrated and brittle like it normally does after a good tonging).

RRP £21.50,

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