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BATD ON Feb 16, 2010 AT 1:22 pm

L'Oreal Professional Play Ball Tubes

L'Oreal Professional Play Ball Tubes

Hello, Play Ball Tubes! We’re loving these portable hair styling products from L’Oreal Professional that will keep our do’s done on the run. Each one is spiced up with a sweet fragrance that makes us want to sleek, sculpt and spiral our locks for hours at a time and brings a new meaning to ‘lollipop head’.

Play Ball Slick Caramel smells of warm toffee and gives a frizz free, tamed result; Play Ball Curl Candy is infused with the scent of cherry sweeties and gives gorgeous, slick curls and Play Ball Extreme Honey is the very essence of honey drops and works for extreme styling (think Jedward). £12 each.

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