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by Annie Vischer

Lacoste Touch of Pink

Lacoste Touch of Pink

We’ve all been captivated by the advert at some point or another. The short film of a carefree young girl chasing a white kite like form through a city, in a pink dress, hair flowing softly behind her. She’s a picture of contradictions. She is in a chrome metal, sky-scraper filled city, yet chasing a free-flying kite as though she were in the middle of a meadow. She is wearing a structured 60s style dress, yet as opposed to being backcombed in an immobile 60s up-do, her hair is flowing in wild abandon around her as she runs. Her girlish fascination with the flying kite hint at the naivety of youth, yet her expertly smudged smokey eye look points to a more street-wise, fashion forward girl about town. In essence, she perfectly captures the multi-dimensional qualities of the iconic Lacoste Touch of Pink scent itself.

The Touch of Pink girl is full of energy and playfulness, whilst at the same time being entirely demure and feminine. The freshness and vibrancy of the fragrance is captured in the top notes of coriander leaves, blood orange and cardamom, and they combine beautifully with the softer, sweeter heart notes of jasmine, violet leaves and carrot seed to create a soft, pretty scent that sparkles with citrus tones. The musky qualities  of vanilla and sandalwood work as base notes to add depth and strength to Lacoste Touch of Pink.

The exotic pink of the bottle contrasts agains the clean city-scape-esque lines of the design to personify the multi-dimensional nature of the Lacoste Touch of Pink girl. It is the sort of everyday scent that can be relied upon on to instantly revive, freshen and inspire. It is as captivating as its original campaign, making it the perfect Christmas this year. One spritz on Christmas morning and a lifelong fragrance love affair will have begun. Do you know a Lacoste Touch of Pink girl? Is it you?

Pour Femme EDT 30ml (£26.00), Pour Femme EDT 50ml (£39.00), Pour Femme EDT 90 ml (£50.00).

Lacoste Touch of Pink is available from The Perfume Shop nationwide including

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