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The Notebook SoundBar SPA5210

Philips Notebook SoundBar SPA5210

Opposites attract – like Nigel & Victoria in the ‘un-rom-com’ online series – so as love is in the air this month Philips has teamed up with Beauty and the Dirt to make sure you can keep the harmony with your loved one with our competition to win a pair of Headband Headphones each, and a Philips Notebook Soundbar.

Nigel & Victoria follows the off screen romance between the sexy, gadget-crazy Victoria, who reviews Philips products in a very personal honest way; and Nigel, the loveable and very British, marketing manager from Philips who just can’t stop interfering.

The show is a classic case of Boy meets Girl, Girl meets Boy. Boy loves Girl. Girl doesn’t love Boy. Boy embarks on endless ways to impress Girl. It is a love story told in three and a half minute episodes. You can watch them all on the Nigel & Victoria YouTube channel.



With the Philips Headband Headphones opposites can still attract without having to compromise on you choose to listen to.

For the times when you do want to enjoy your music together, you will also win a Philips Notebook Soundbar, as part of the competition package. The USB speaker bar and can be clipped to the top of your computer screen helping to bring you both closer together.  Aahh!

To win these prizes, which have a collective value of £250, simply answering the question below.

Also, for those who love holidaying abroad, visit the Nigel & Victoria FACEBOOK where you can enter to win a luxury trip to Mauritius. Another great way to spoil your loved one this year.

NB: Prizes

2x Headband headphones SHL5800: £99.99

Notebook SoundBar SPA5210: £49.99

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