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Bag reading from Sudocrem

Bag reading from Sudocrem

What does your handbag say about you?

Everyone knows that the interior of a woman’s handbag is a sacred private place, no matter how meagre it’s monetary value, and no one enjoys having their purse peered into by museum staff or emptied by airport security-  but why?

Perhaps it’s because our handbag’s content reveals not just our lipstick preference but also our identities.

As manufacturer’s editions get bigger and more luxurious it seems demand for ’the bag’ has never been greater.
In it is our past, present and future;  from lucky keepsakes to our bleeping blackberry and finally our 4 o’clock twix fix, the handbag ensures we’re armed and ready for modern life!

British skin care brand Sudocrem have hired celebrity  ‘Bagologist’  Debbie Percy to celebrate the launch of their handbag size sudocrem tube. Visit their facebook page ( www.facebook/sudocremtube) to see who’s handbag Debbie’s been reading!

It’s a fun and easy game to play but astonishingly revealing, Debbie has worked for many years in ‘Bagology’ and has a surprising number of secret celebrity (and it’s rumoured royal) clients. Her unusual choice in career has see her featured in the Times, Tatler and the BBC- it makes for an interesting read, far less fluffy than you’d first assume.

Beauty and the Dirt have five readings and the news sudocrem tube to offer those who can answer the following question by 29th April:

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