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Vita Coco

Vita Coco

So you’ve packed your wellies, your sunnies and your tent but don’t forget Vita Coco – the one essential that will keep you fully hydrated and hangover free whilst partying at this summer’s festivals. And you’re in luck, Vita Coco has teamed up with Beauty and The Dirt to offer 3 lucky readers the chance to win a month’s supply!

Vita Coco is a great tasting, low calorie and fat free way to keep hydrated during the festivities and if you find yourself crawling out of your tent the morning after with a sore head, grab a Vita Coco fast. It’s nature’s ultimate hangover cure so be sure to pack a few!

And that’s not all, Vita Coco is also packed full of the good stuff. It’s made with young green coconuts and is jam-packed full of 20 times more potassium than leading sports drinks (each 330ml serving has more potassium than two bananas – but don’t tell the monkeys) and five naturally occurring electrolytes.   So forget your teeth rotting fizzy energy drinks and your sugar loaded juices, turn to Vita Coco and you’ll have more energy to party the hours away!

To enter simply answer the following question by 27th June 2011:


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