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Red Kooga Natural Energy Release

From a stressful day at work, to looking after a busy household, today’s demanding lifestyles leave many women wishing for a few extra hours in the day. With such tiring routines, many women look for a supplement that gives a natural energy release but is also gentle enough to take every day.

Revitalise by giving yourself a lift with the natural power of the New Red Kooga range formulated with only the finest Korean Panax ginseng, a herb used in the orient for centuries to promote energy, vitality and maintain mental alertness.

Ideal for busy women with hectic lifestyles, Red Kooga’s natural ginseng range will keep both your mind and body on top form and ready for anything.

The revitalise kit contains Red Kooga Natural Release ginseng supplements and a Filofax organiser to help you get more out of the day. Once you’ve freed up those precious minutes why not relax with the chill-out compilation CD whilst deciding where to spend your £80 worth of leisure vouchers!

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