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Hissyfit range

Hissyfit range (Body Double and Handy Work included in actual prize)

Hissyfit is Australia’s cult range of intelligent, mineral enriched beauty products that combine Australian botanical extracts and the latest advanced sunscreen technology with irresistible fragrances. The result? A range of products that provide all you need for flawlessly covered, highly protected, age-defying skin.

Australian Olympic Gold Medallist Louise Dobson and magazine editor Sue Smethurst were frustrated by the lack of easy to use skincare and make up products to provide a daily, and crucially, invisible sunscreen. Their belief was that making such products in textures so fine they were a daily pleasure to use would not only reduce your chance of developing skin cancer but also slow the visible signs of ageing.

The potent blend of anti-oxidant pomegranate, green tea and anti-inflammatory Australian daisy Cehami (to promote cell-renewal), high SPF and luxurious scents, makes the Hissyfit range perfect for every woman, every day.

  • Body Double Anti-Ageing Moisturizer SPF 30+ RRP £25.00
  • Handy Work Anti-Ageing Hand Cream SPF 30+ RRP £19.00
  • Lip Service Anti-Ageing Lip Balm SPF 50+ (in 5 luscious, glossy colours) RRP £12.00
  • Saving Face Anti-Ageing Foundation SPF 50+ (in 8 blended shades to suit your skin tone) RRP £22

Dannii Minogue is a huge hissyfit fan and describes the range as ‘Divine!’

We have a year’s supply of Hissyfit body products (Body Double and Handy Work) to give away. Just answer the following simple question:

The Hissyfit range is available at House of Fraser Apothecary and selected stores nationwide.

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