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I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris

Based on a remarkable real life story and featuring fantastic performances from Hollywood’s funniest man Jim Carrey and Golden Globe award nominee Ewan McGregor, I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS is this year’s most hysterical romantic comedy. Don’t miss the HILARIOUS I love you phillip morris on DVD and blu-ray from 2ND AUGUST 2010!

From the writers of the critically acclaimed, con-man movie ‘Bad Santa’, I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS tells the true tale of an ordinary man living a lie and the moment in time that would change his life forever.

Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) is your average, everyday guy. He has a well respected career within the local police force and is happily married to Debbie (Leslie Mann) with a young family, but his idyllic life is not as it seems.

After narrowly surviving a horrific car accident, Steven is provoked to reassess his life and finally reveal who he really is. Steven is gay and has been living a lie, but now he’s decided to start living his own way!

After quitting the police force and beginning a new life in Miami, Steven’s radical lifestyle change takes him to extraordinary levels of extravagance and luxury. But living the high life comes at a price and Steven needs to make money fast. An experienced master of disguise Steven turns to fraud and becomes a very successful con artist!

However, many cons and frauds later Steven is finally caught by the police and begins a stint in Miami State Penitentiary where he meets his soul mate, the softly spoken Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor).

Released from prison Steven is determined to hold onto Phillip and build the perfect life together, so he embarks on a series of outrageous cons and crazy frauds to free his beloved from jail, and lavish the happy couple in luxury beyond their wildest dreams.

Will Steven’s luck run out or will he achieve the seemingly impossible whilst keeping the one thing most important to him? Find out in I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS out on DVD from the 2ND AUGUST 2010. 

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