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The visually stunning MICMACS from the critically acclaimed director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie, Delicatessen) follows an unusual group of friends  as they attempt to topple France’s two biggest arms dealers, with a series of entertaining, intelligent and bizarre escapades!

Dany Boon (Welcome to the Sticks) stars as Bazil, a simple video shop assistant who survives taking a bullet to the head in a freak drive-by shooting accident.

He finds himself jobless and homeless, however, his luck changes when he meets Slammer (Jean Pierre Mareille) and his extraordinary band of industrious friends, who make their home in the bizarre world of a Parisian scrap heap!

Upon befriending Slammer’s gaggle of scrap heap misfits and encouraged by their spirit and enthusiasm, Bazil embarks upon a crazy operation to quash the rival weapons manufacturers that maimed him and killed his father when he was just a child.

Joined by his new found friends who include a contortionist, an ex-con, a mad inventor and the world’s fastest human cannonball, Bazil embarks on an original and inventive modern day battle of David and Goliath, and the adventure of a lifetime!

Enter the wonderful world that Jeunet brings to life in the most dazzling and comical way, as Bazil and his friends prove that it helps to be a little odd to get even!

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