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Mimi ON Sep 02, 2013 AT 2:09 pm

Top of the Lake out on BBC DVD

Top of the Lake out on BBC DVD

Top of  the Lake is directed by Jane Campion, shot against the most stunning backdrop of New Zealand landscapes, starring Elizabeth Moss and Holly Hunter.

The combination of two of my favourite actresses Moss and Hunter along with the powerful direction of Academy Award® winning writer/director Jane Campion made this TV series really compelling for me. It is the story of  twelve-year-old Tui Mitcham, daughter of the local drug lord, mysteriously pulled from the freezing waters of an alpine lake. She is discovered to be pregnant and won’t say who the father is. Then she disappears. Elizabeth Moss plays Robin Griffin, a straight-talking detective experienced in child protection who is called in to investigate the case. She becomes obsessed with finding Tui and the case, which also throws up many events and painful memories from her own past, growing up in that same small town. Her relationship with her own family is challenged and she finds herself totally changing her life as she becomes immersed in the mystery around this fascinating drama.

Meanwhile Holly Hunter plays a cult leader for abused women and occupies a valuable piece of land owned by Tui’s drug lord father, setting up a camp which also become integral to the story. Hunter character is odd and eccentric, she has witch-like white hair worn lose to her waist, wears men’s clothes and although seems distant and odd, speaks sense to these lost women and anyone who steps in her way.

Top of the Lake is really well written and has a brilliant cast, I was hooked from episode one. I loved watching the eerie shots of the lake and the vast mountains, everything looked beautiful. Set against that beauty is a dark community of drugs, abuse and many more dark events unfold. I really enjoyed this drama, and if you missed it here’s your chance to win the dvd yourself.

Top of the Lake  created waves when it hit our TV screens earlier this year. Now, whether you’d like to watch it all over again or catch up you can own it on BBC DVD

See a trailer for the show here;

If you missed it don’t despair, the whole series is now out on BBC DVD and Blu Ray at the BBC Shopon Amazon or you can catch up on iTunes, RRP: £20.42/£25.52.

We have a copy of the DVD to giveaway all you have to do is answer this question


Top of the Lake DVD Giveaway

Who is the Academy Award® winning writer/director of Top of the Lake?

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