2008 Awards: Part 3

Mimi ON Dec 29, 2008 AT 12:50 pm

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The Tom Cruise Award for Televised Self-Debasement

An appreciation of those who choose the public arena to defile, embarrass and humiliate themselves.

Kerry Katona – Her ill-judged Judy Finnegan impressions on This Morning.  Watch it here

John McCain – endearing himself to the voters of Western

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand

 Pensylvania with this clinically delivered diss. But just look how quickly it takes these idiots to start hollering and yee-hahing again after he lays out a couple of rudimentary compliments.Watch it here

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand – Don’t pick on Manuel you idiots. The public love him! If they’d done the same thing to someone like Vanessa Feltz or Kilroy we’d have all thought it was a jolly good wheeze.

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