Trailer: What’s Your Number?

Mimi ON Aug 09, 2011 AT 9:18 am

What's Your Number

What's Your Number

Frustrated by her endless search for “the one,” Ally Darling (played by Anna Faris) decides to revisit her past 20 boyfriends to see if one of them was actually the right guy for her.

Along for the hilarious ride is her friendly neighbor Colin Shea (played by Captain America’s Chris Evans) who is determined to help Ally find her exes.

At the end of her search, though, it seems that Ally was still looking in the wrong place for the love – and that her Mr. Right may have been right under her nose (or across the hall) the entire time.

This film looks like it has potential for some great light relief, plus it stars Martin Freeman and the guy that play Sylar in Heroes (aka Zachary Quinto).

Watch the trailer below and catch it in cinemas from 9th September 2011:



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