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by Valirie Morgan

Jason Schwartzman and Jude Law in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Jason Schwartzman and Jude Law in The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The 2014 Glasgow Film Festival program was announced yesterday and promises an exciting lineup, with hotly anticipated films and special events marking the festival’s 10th anniversary.

This year’s festival, running from 20th February until 2nd March, will open with the UK premiere of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which features an all-star cast including Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Edward Norton and Jason Schwartzman. The film had its world premiere just two weeks ago, and it explores the political turmoil and social upheaval of Europe between wars through the chaotic lives of staff and guests at a famous hotel.

A record-breaking 60 UK premieres and seven world premieres are included in the festival lineup. The House of Him, A Whole New WorldIboga NightsMy Name is Hmmm…, and Mr. Morgan’s Last Love are just a few of the films being screened during the annual event. The full list is available on the Glasgow Film Festival’s official website.

Glasgow Film Festival co-director Allan Hunter said that over the past decade, the festival has “grown almost beyond recognition.”

“One thing remains essential, though – Glasgow Film Festival is and will always be an access-all-areas event, where you can meet the filmmakers, ask awkward questions, and make friends with the person sitting next to you,” said Hunter.

A signature aspect of the Glasgow Film Festival in recent years has been “pop-up cinema,” a unique experience in which film screenings are held in various creative locations around the city. Venues include a space beneath Glasgow Central Station that has never before been open to the public and the underwater hold of a ship – certain to pique the interests of adventurous moviegoers!

Also on the special events schedule is “Street Food Cinema,” an event featuring screenings of older films like When Harry Met Sally, Goodfellas, and Ratatouille with a fun twist: street vendors will serve food and wine that accompany the particular film being shown. Who doesn’t love a good snack at the cinema?

Closing the festival on the 2nd March is the Scottish premiere of Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin, adapted from Scottish writer Michel Faber’s novel. The movie was filmed partly in the city, and stars Scarlett Johansson as a seductive alien who lures her victims to their demise in a desolate Glasgow.

If you’re thinking about heading to Glasgow for the festival, be sure to buy your tickets when they go on sale Friday, 24th January at 10 am!

Check out the trailers for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Under the Skin below:

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