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By Krista Madden

A facial with Nuz is always a multi sensorial experience, because she makes so many of her own products with fresh ingredients. So while your skin is being worked on you will want to eat so many things as you smell like honey, chocolate and coconut being applied, it’s good to know that so much of what is being used during the facial is natural and not packed full of chemicals. The benefits of these natural oils and herbs carry on making your skin glow days after you have had your facial with Nuz, so you see results and better skin over the week.

Chocolate Mask

All of these highly effective ingredients support the skin, promote rejuvenation and encourage improved elasticity and firmness and make your skin look polished and glow.



Freshly made creams & masks for the facial

My skin was feeling very tired and dehydrated after Christmas and central heating just made me look a bit washed out, so Nuz had to work her magic, she decided the best facial for me was her ‘Bespoke Wonder Treatment’. Each time you see Nuz she will look at your skin and make up her masks and cleansers to best suit what your skin will need at the time, so it’s never a facial that anyone else will get, these treatments are just for you.

These are some of the steps and ingredients that she used during my relaxing facial.

Hydra water sprayed over the face and then her signature six step cleansing ritual to renew skin ready to fully absorb all the products. Some of her bespoke steps include using; coconut balm, Argan oil, spinach and kale, these are powerful antioxidants to use on the skin. Sugar and honey are mixed into a paste for exfoliating dead skin cells naturally. Coconut and poppy seeds exfoliate, then a gently Orange blossom water gel cleanser calms the skin. Organic olive oil wax soothes and nourishes and helps to soften pores.

My eyes have been very sensitive lately and Nuz made up an eye mask to sooth them, next lips were exfoliated and of course the t-zone needed attention to unblock pores. So many masks were put on my skin, I lost track, but the chocolate one (seen here) I remember well, because I wanted to lick it off,  Nuz also applied honey to heal my sore lips. The dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidants, so good for you skin.

Once your skin is scrubbed squeakily clean, to boost circulation and promote lymphatic drainage there is a 7 step massage using a lovely rose oil.

Because it is winter and skin can be dull due to cold weather and central heating a luxury camphor treatment really heals and hydrates.

Now skin has been so thoroughly cleaned, pores are tightened it is time to begin nourishing and plumping the skin. Nuz made up a mix of Omega 3 6 9 oil to diminish tiredness and fatigued skin. She also now makes her own skincare and treatment blends that she can send you in the post after your facial treatment, these make sure your skin is getting the best aftercare to make sure you are looking after your skin between treatments. Collagen and caviar were applied then a special ampule over that to ensure my skin had every vitamin and ingredient it needed to make it look so good.

My skin looked brand new and felt amazing after the facial, and the treatment felt so luxurious, it was exactly what my skin needed at that time. That is the beauty of a facial with Nuz, she will look at your face and know what treatment and ingredients she needs to use on you each time you see her. She is a total specialist when it comes to any skin problems, so you can go in and have a consultation with her if you are not sure what you need and she will help you. I cannot wait until my next one.

Nuz has a a very loyal and A-list client list who book her for red carpet events, as well as the maintenance of their skin while they are filming with heavy make up, so she really is the queen of the bespoke treatments for us all.

For all details on the treatments available and to book a treatment with Nuz see her site here.




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