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BATD ON Oct 14, 2010 AT 12:57 pm

Perez Hilton

Celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton

After years of posting gossip and making fun of celebs, Perez Hilton announced he will be turning a new leaf.  

In light of the recent outburst in gay suicides, Perez has been used his website to speak out against bullying and post It Gets Better videos, but many people have called him a hypocrite because his blog is famed for bullying celebrities.

He told Ellen DeGeneres that he is feeling the pressure from those who have called him out for his hypocrisy on the subject of bullying and its effects on victims and posted a video apologising and promising that he’s “going to be doing things differently.”

In the six minute long video he says, “I’ve been doing everything I can to bring awareness to the issue of teen suicide and gay bullying… a lot of people have called me a hypocrite and a bully myself. That’s not how I want to be perceived.”

Of the future of his website and the gossip that will be posted Perez says, “I still want to be me, and be me, and be sassy, without being vanilla – and also without being malicious and hurtful and nasty.”

He has already taken to his Twitter to personally apologise to some of the celebrities he has offended in the past.

We think this is a good change, but the question that remains is will Perez will keep up this positivity? After all, his blog became famous from his snarky remarks (see his video below)  .

Do you think Perez will be able to swear off mean?

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