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Dita Von Teese at the launch of My Private Cointreau Coffret

Dita Von Teese at the launch of My Private Cointreau Coffret

By Emma Skipper

I had the pleasure of popping down to Claridges last week to interview the lovely Dita Von Teese. Not only was she the vision of perfection with her porcelain skin and vintage, tailored dress, but she was clearly also very intelligent and savvy… a real pleasure to chat to, so definitely read on as she emparts her advice about everything from beauty tips to style advice….

So you are the global ambassador of Cointreau? How do you find the role?

I’ve been the ambassador for three years now and I love speaking about the brand, it’s an iconic French brand and I really enjoy the partnership. It’s really a match made in heaven.

We loved the three cocktail videos you did for Cointreau. How were they to make?

It was lots of fun. I actually learnt how to make each cocktail myself which was so handy.  It was great to see how simple it really is to make a terrific cocktail, and how impressive it is for your guests. Now I regularly make Margaritas and Cointreaupolitans!

It’s so much more thrilling for people when you make something special instead of just cracking open a bottle and saying: “here, do want some of this?” It’s much more exciting, but I think people are put off because they think making cocktails at home is too complicated… it’s not though!

So, you’ve helped design Cointreau’s new Coffret?

Yes, the idea behind it was to have almost a ‘boudoir bar’, with the cocktail shaker, two glasses and bottle of Cointreau. It means you can make cocktails in your own boudoir if you wanted to… to seduce someone or just for yourself!

I really love the idea of someone being able to buy this, or give it as a gift, and then afterwards they can use it as a jewellery box or vanity case. It even has a secret compartment at the back to hide things and a little lock.

Dita Von Teese and the My Private Cointreau Coffret

Dita Von Teese and the My Private Cointreau Coffret

We’re huge fans of your style at Beautyandthedirt.com, do you have any style secrets that you can empart on our readers?

I have a lot of personal things that I really love; I love my hemline to be below my knee. I have a lot to designers that send me dresses and I always have to ask “could you POSSIBLY make the hemline 2 inches lower?” And I obviously LOVE good tailoring, I have almost everything tailored to fit me exactly.

For instance this suit is from the 50′s. It didn’t look like this before I had it tailored the right way, so it definitely makes a big difference.

Where is the dress from?

I found this one on eBay, I shop a lot on ebay. I like to think that I’m saving tonnes of money by scouring eBay for deals… Although getting them tailored is expensive, in the end buying vintage and investing in one-off pieces is much cheaper than buying designer clothes.

And you’re guaranteed that no one else will have it?!

Well, every now and again I’ve seen a few vintage dresses that I’ve seen duplicates of in stores and I’m like “wow, I have that exact dress in my closet at home!”

Now we’ve been on Twitter this morning to find out what our lovely readers would like to ask you and it’s clear we’re all huge fans of your makeup look, do you have any particular products you swear by to achieve your flawless look?

Well, I can’t stress the importance of having a good Dermatologist enough. I think people put too much emphasis on which cream or which product I use and really it’s not important. The things that make my skin good are not going in the sun, not smoking cigarettes and when there’s an issue, I have a really great dermatologist that I can go to, AND HE GIVES ME THE RIGHT MEDICATIONS. A real doctor though, not just a man with botox needles, my dermatologist doesn’t even deal with that stuff, HE JUST FIXES THE PROBLEMS.

He said: “Listen, use what you want. If you like the texture, the scent, just use it. It’s fine, just use what you like, it’s not going to change your world. The goal is to moisturise.”

But you know, I do use things like a retinol at nights sometimes. It’s more important to do things in your lifestyle that keep your skin healthy and not just look for it in a jar.

MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line

MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line

So do you do all your makeup yourself?

Yes, I do. I did it all myself today and for the red carpet and shows I do it too. I’d say that aside from some photo shoots where I have a hair and makeup team, I do it myself. When I’m travelling I have a few makeup artists that are my friends and that I like to work with when I’m shooting but, for instance, I was in Sydney recently shooting lots of magazine shoots and I did all my makeup myself. I know what I want and I can do it in 30 minutes so I have a hard time sitting in the makeup chair for 3 hours for something I can do in less than half the time!

So do you have any makeup tips for us?

Well, practise makes perfect! Although I do wear my cat-eye a lot I can definitely notice when I’ve had a few weeks off and haven’t been applying my eyeliner… which believe me, happens. Sometime I go for weeks with just lipstick and mascara on, so when I start applying my liner again I’m definitely a little rusty. So, you just need to practise.

Do you prefer a kohl or liquid for your look?

Well I don’t use a pencil at all, I love Black Track Fluidline by MAC which is a gel liner in a pot with a very fine brush.

I saw you Tweeted this morning saying you used a whole bottle of hairspray on your style today! Which spray do you swear by?

Today I was using one I love from BedHead, Mastermind. I also have my own brand of hairspray with my Martini Glass logo on it and I use that too.

It’s funny, Christian Louboutin once said he saw Elizabeth Taylor use a whole bottle of hairspray on her hair once!

Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese

So what are you plans for the future. I know your show Opium Den in coming to London in November?

Yes, the show’s going to be at Erotica this year and I’m so excited about it as I haven’t done a show here in a while. It took be four years to create this show so I’m excited for people to see it!

What is it about Burlesque that makes you love it so much?
I think the thing I love most about performing Burlesque, and I’ve been doing it since 1991, is that historically (an even now in the neo-burlesque scene) the women that were Burleqsue stars, such as Gypsy Rose Lee and Lili St Cyr, were very intelligent business women and they created their own shows, looks and styling. I like the idea of self-creation, it’s very different from being ‘a movie star’ or ‘a pop star’. The women of Burlesque would think about how to create every aspect of their show and would specifically choose their ‘gimmick’ to set them apart from everyone else.

For me, I just love the process of creating a show and when those curtains open on that show I derive a lot of satisfaction from the work that went into it and that I created it.

I also love the idea of changing people’s minds about striptease and what it is to be a stripper. You see, there’s a really negative connotation with the word ‘stripper’ and I want to change people’s minds about that. I like bringing something racy combined with elegance and sophistication… and that’s my goal, to show how it can be done. How I can be more elegant, nearly nude up there on stage, than someone who is completely clothed? I’d like to prove that how much you show to people does not equate to elegance.

You’re attending the Selfridges party tonight, have you got any more plans for your stay?

No I’m actually going back to Paris tomorrow for a few days for the closing party to my Private bar with Cointreau Prive and then I’m heading back to LA to start preparations for Erotica and to film my scenes for my appearance in CSI.

Global Ambassador for Cointreau, Dita Von Teese, has designed the limited edition ‘My Private Cointreau Coffret’. This unique beauty essential and cocktail kit will be will be available to purchase from Friday 22nd October exclusively at Selfridges, costing £199.

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