Adam Brody

BATD ON Apr 01, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Adam Brody

Sundance Film Festival is usually a good place to find new projects from actors who have been under the radar, and this past go-round was no exception. Premiering his new film The Romantics was everyone’s favourite nerd, Adam Brody. We are more than happy to remind ourselves why we love him so much.

Growing up in San Diego, Brody was more of a surfer than a student. This trend continued when he decided to opt out of finishing community college in favour of moving to LA and taking up acting. He delved right into the land of teen entertainment when he snagged a lead in MTV’s Now What, based on the lives of four high school boys. He continued his successful television career by spending a season with the Gilmore Girls before moving onto his claim to fame, the OC. Playing smart cutie Seth, Brody inspired the Adam Brody Type. As a self-proclaimed nerd with a sarcastic sense of humour and a heart-melting smile, Brody’s type could definitely be my type.

Though he enjoyed his teen drama days, Brody moved on to film. After a small part in American Pie 2, he got bigger roles in The Ring, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and In the Land of Women, where he acted opposite none other than Mrs. R. Patz herself, Kristen Stewart. Besides the upcoming Romantics, he is also in Cop Out alongside Bruce Willis.

Brody continues to be a charmer off screen as well, what with interests like jazz music and classic films. He also plays the drums for the band Big Japan, and keeps his love life effectively out of the tabloids. We couldn’t find anything more delightful about this guy if we tried.

Look for Cop Out on April 16th, and make sure to catch The Romantics later this year.

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