Alex O’Loughlin

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Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin

Earlier this summer, you might have caught his performance opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy The Back-up Plan, but Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin is better known for his television roles. In fact, he’s actually set to star in the highly buzzed remake of Hawaii Five-O in the autumn!

Alex was born in Canberra, Australia in 1976. Recently, gossip spread around the Internet that AC/DC front man Bon Scott was his biological father, but these rumours were proven false. Alex’s real father is actually a physics and astronomy professor in Sydney, so although it’s not quite as exciting as having a rock star father, we like a man with humble roots.

After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2002, Alex began his acting career by starring in a film called The Oyster Farmer, where he played a man desperate to raise money to pay for his sister’s medical bills. He received strong critical reviews for his performance and Alex’s career began to take off in Australia. His role in television miniseries The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant earned him an Australia Film Institute Award for Best Actor. He was also pro-active in Australian theatre, acting in stage productions of Jarrabin, Country Music, Saved and The Fruits of Enlightenment.

Alex in The Back Up Plan

Alex in The Back Up Plan

In 2005, He flew to the US and screen tested to become the new James Bond: a role that eventually went to Daniel Craig. Although he failed to earn the role of a secret agent, Alex was hired to play a special ops detective on the television popular drama The Shield. As a former Internal Affairs officer newly assigned to the Strike Team, Alex’s role on the show exposed him to a wider audience. He later headlined two short lived shows Moonlighting and Three Rivers. Despite having bad luck with these two series, Alex is hoping turn things around when Hawaii Five-O debuts this fall. Additionally, Alex’s role in The Back-up Plan with Jennifer Lopez has established him as a leading man in romantic comedies. The film performed well despite poor reviews from critics.

Like many rugged Aussies, Alex has an adventurous side. His hobbies include riding motorcycles, rock climbing, music and playing his guitar. ‘Too good to be true‘ springs to mind…

If you can’t get enough of Alex, check out Hawaii Five-O when it premieres later this year!

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