America Ferrera

BATD ON Mar 31, 2010 AT 1:53 pm

America Ferrera

It isn’t often that a star gets her break for being ugly. That is just what happened for actress America Ferrera, and she didn’t even have to be ugly in real life. Unfortunately, the role that shot her to stardom won’t be around much longer. We are, of course, talking about loveable fashion editor Ugly Betty.

Luckily, Miss Ferrera is used to playing someone she’s not. In one of her earliest stage performances (when she still went by her middle name, Georgine), she played the Artful Dodger in Oliver, and is most recently playing a tall blonde Viking in the animated film How to Train Your Dragon. So when it came to playing a gawky, awkward magazine editor, it was no problem. In fact, she was so good at this that she won a Golden Globe, an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance.

America Ferrera as Ugly Betty

Ferrera was also a part of the two Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants films, and is currently in two recent flicks. In How to Train Your Dragon, she plays Astrid, a young Viking girl trying to help her friend Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) keep his pet dragon a secret. In Our Family Wedding she plays a bride to be who, along with her fiancée, must help their multi-racial families get along. Though critics didn’t receive this film very well, Ferrera’s performance was highlighted as particularly impressive.

It’s a good thing she has so many film projects currently, because when Ugly Betty ends in a few weeks, Ferrera may become a little bored. Though she admits she deosn’t have a game plan yet, “I’m just excited to sleep”!

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