Are The Beckhams Moving Back To Europe?

Mimi ON Nov 20, 2012 AT 10:40 am

Announcing his last game of American football for current club, LA Galaxy last night, David Beckham stated “I’ve had an incredibly special time playing for the L.A. Galaxy. However, I wanted to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career. I don’t see this as the end of my relationship with the league, as my ambition is to be part of the ownership structure in the future.’

Victoria and David Bekcham to leave the States?

The statement has sparked rumours that Victoria, David and the four children will undoubtedly be leaving America and their Los Angeles home, but to where, no one is yet sure.

Rumours that Paris Saint Germain had expressed an interest in ‘golden balls’ last year have not been quashed, and there have been suggestions that American estate agents have even been scouring Paris for a potential new home for the Beckham clan.

It would, of course, be ideal for Victoria, whose fashion label continues to go from strength to strength, and where better to continue to build her brand than from the home of Fashion, gay Paris?


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