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by Annie Vischer

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

There was a time when Benedict Cumberbatch was the ‘oh it’s him, what else have I seen him in?’ guy. The actor that would crop up in most films or television programmes you sat down to watch, but never made his impact as the lead. And then came Sherlock. And Atonement. Oh and War Horse, Star Trek…mustn’t forget The Hobbit either! All of a sudden this Harrow educated Brit gentleman is a lusted-after leading man who is topping the invite lists of most society events in the social calendar and stealing even more hearts stateside.

Cumberbatch’s latest exploit sees him star as Wiki-Leaks mastermind Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate. It’s in the light of this role that he graces the front cover of the latest issue of TIME Magazine. Photographed  by Paola Kudacki, who says she first became entranced by the interesting nature of Cumberbatch’s face after taking her nephews to see Star Trek, he stares assessingly at the camera, his normally impeccably coiffed hair falling forward (a result of Kudacki reaching forward to quickly muss it up and snapping away before he could rearrange it) and his shirt unbuttoned towards the top.

His cover star status in America is a mark of just how far this British actor has come. Gone are the days of relative anonymity, Benedict Cumberbatch is an international household name now, and that is not going to change. With over five other films currently in production, there are set to be a good deal more front covers dedicated to the polite and guarded actor. He might be too modest to revel in his recently magnified fame, but we are not. Hurrah for Benedict!  

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