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by Annie Vischer

The superfoods you need in your cupboard.

The superfoods you need in your cupboard.

If you have ever read any of the Bodyism Clean and Lean books, you’ll have come across the good/better/best tables that guide you on your way to making the best clean and lean choices you can when it comes to meals. There are some foods out there that will constantly fall into the ‘best’ category, so rich in nutrients that they outclass any other similar ingredient, and can be conveniently integrated into meals to boost your diet and give your body what it needs and more.

A superfood angled chat with Bodyism Director of Communications Tegan Haining was enough to gear me up for a superfood shop. Here’s what made the list.

Maca Powder – Maca is an energy boosting superfood that his high in phosphorous, manganese and iron. It can also help to regulate hormone levels. It also gives a strengthening boost to hair and nails.

Chlorella – Chlorella boosts the immune system, aids digestion and promotes liver health. Pretty much a wonder ingredient. Some call it sunshine in a good, as it’s packed with vitamin D, something we can be lacking in Britain. Studies have shown that its cleansing properties help to remove the chemicals that can be found in our food, from our liver.

Cacao – Cacao sounds wonderful, and far too close to chocolate to be true. It is the purest form of the chocolatey substances we have become so used to that you can get, minus the processing that takes away its superfood power. It is rich in antioxidants and flavanols. In fact it has over 40 times the antioxidant value of blueberries, is the highest plant-based source of iron and has more calcium than cows milk. Need we say more?

Naturya Macca Powder (£6.99), Synergy Chlorella Power (£15.95), Fushi Acai Berry Powder (£19.95), Organic Burst Spirulina Powder (£10.99), Fairtrade Organic Raw Cacao Powder (£4.99), Naturya Lucuma Powder (£9.99), Naturya Wheatgrass Powder (£6.99).

Lucuma Powder – This superfood is rich in potassium, sodium, and phosphorous. And best of all? It tastes rather wonderful. It has a caramel-like flavour that will compliment your healthy shakes and warm drinks to perfection. 17% of it is natural sugar, and it tends to be grown organically in Peru.

Spirulina – Spirulina is high in protein, and very alkaline based. It is the must-have addition to any green smoothies you decide to put together. High levels of vitamin B6 promote the healing process in the body too.

Wheatgrass – This is an absolute must, and as such it is fairly readily available. It is another green smoothie ingredient that you simply cannot be without. It is full of natural anti oxidants and amino acids, and is harvested when it is at its nutritional peak.

Acai Berry Powder – Acai Berry is a skin friendly superfood due to its high levels of vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties.

Don’t forget that Bodyism have their own Clean and Lean supplements that are especially and naturally formulated to cater to every supplement-based need your body may have. Tegan’s favourite is Serenity (£50.00), now reformulated as a vegan supplement, which contains calming herbs such as cammomile, along with hops, oats and amino acids that together help to calm, help muscles recover and control blood sugar levels.



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