Bounce Don’t Break

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Bounce Don't Break

Bounce Don't Break

In her new self-help guide laced with personal memoirs, Bounce Don’t Break: Brande’s Guide to Life, Love, and Success, former Playboy Bunny, actress, and entrepreneur Brande Roderick busts myths about becoming an overnight success and lets readers know that it’s quite difficult to make your way up to the very top.

Roderick tells it like it is in this book about overcoming insecurities and finding the motivation it takes to reach your goals, whether they include having a fabulous career or finding Mr. Right.  Roderick even includes a rather amusing list of all the different types of “Meantime Guys” that we romantics seem to flock to while waiting for our future husbands.   

 The book is packed with personal quizzes and juicy details of Roderick’s own uphill climb, as well as the struggles she faced along the way.  There are also a few tidbits of advice from Roderick’s fellow Playmates; yes, we learn that they are not all perfectly tanned superwomen – they too complain about their bodies!

Roderick, voted Playmate of the year in 2001, is a former star of Baywatch Hawaii and Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Season 2.  She is the CEO of Financially Hung, a successful website for private business owners that combines social and business networking with planning for celebrity red carpet events.  She is married to former NFL star Glenn Cadrez and lives with him and her son, Keaton, in California.  Bounce Don’t Break is Roderick’s first book, and is set to release in the UK on 26th August.  

And may we just say that we are VERY excited about getting self-help tips from a Playboy Bunny

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