Brad Pitt, So Fresh and So Clean (Shaven)

Mimi ON Sep 20, 2013 AT 10:25 am

Brad Pitt

It’s been a while since we found ourselves lusting over Brad Pitt.

And no, surprisingly, we don’t think it was the Ryan Gosling take over that put paid to our Pitt-drooling, but rather his dishevelled appearance of late. We’re not talking overgrown stubble here either. we’re talking a full on could-lose-things-in-here bushy beard and over grown lank locks. And whether for a film role or not, we simply weren’t digging it, or him.

But Brad, the world’s former sexiest man, is back. Freshly washed, cut and shaven (and with super suave specs to boot). And we’re thrilled.



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