Brad Pitt Tops Worst Ad Pole

Mimi ON Dec 19, 2012 AT 1:55 pm

Brad Pitt is used to topping the charts. World’s Sexiest Man. Sure.  Man Most Women Want To Bed. Of course! But being a part of the Worst Advert of the Year? We would never have thought it.

Combining two things that women the-world-over appear to covet the most, Chanel and Brad Pitt, in one 30 second advert, what could possibly go wrong?

And yet, it seems, despite the 7 million YouTube hits,  a rise in the sales of Chanel fragrance and Pitt showing that somehow, on some men, shaggy hair and David Brent-esque facial hair can look good, the advert has topped the Worst Advert of the Year 2012 chart.

Maybe it’s the pseudo-philosophical “The world turns and we turn with it” spiel, or the seemingly disconnected and other-worldy model images. Either way, it will take more than a not-so-fabulous advert to put paid to our love for either the brand or the man.

That’s not to say we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed watching all the various spoofs, oh and how much do we love this Black Score tee shirt?

Black Score slogan tee

 Black Score Brad Pitt Bull slogan tee, £35 

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