Britney: Behind The Scenes

Mimi ON Mar 30, 2011 AT 3:40 pm

Britney Spears in Vegas

Britney Spears performing in Vegas!

MTV have started showing trailers for their new Britney Spears fly-on-the-wall documentary I Am The Femme Fatale. The clips feature footage from behind the scenes of her new video ‘Till The World Ends‘ and her surprise live set in Vegas over the weekend.

MTV have the exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary about Britney Spears coming out soon and we’re excited to hear the singer speak for more than 30 seconds!

I Am The Femme Fatale shows clips behind the scenes of her new video for ‘Till The World Ends’, footage from the studio with and footage from her suprise Vegas performance over the weekend.

It airs on US MTV at 9pm EST on April 3rd.

Watch the trailer below and realised just how weird it is to hear her speak – rather than mime. *ahem*

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