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Mimi ON Oct 25, 2011 AT 3:44 pm

Bruno Mars performing on X Factor

Bruno Mars performing on X Factor

Last night I was invited to the O2 Brixton Academy to see Bruno Mars, and after seeing his performance on The X Factor at the weekend I was really excited to see his live show, I wanted to see more of that James Brown shuffle! We went for a nose at the new Green Room but didn’t spot any stars so headed over to the VIP bar, which had a brilliant view of the stage and were soon joined by some of the X Factor contestants, well it didn’t take long for someone to ask for their pictures so of course we did too.

Here’s Alan in his best Bruno Mars quiff auditioning for The Risk, maybe he’s more suited to Louis’ category, I think he’s just over 25. The Risk were really friendly and I gave them plenty of tips on how to use twitter, apparently Derry is the only one who is twitter mad at the moment. We chatted to Sophie Habibi, who is so pretty and lovely, Janet Devlin was around too but not quite as friendly – Alan says shy, I say a bit scowling, but we can’t be sure.

Shinesquad with Derry Mensah and Ashley J Baptiste from The Risk

Alan with Derry Mensah and Ashley J Baptiste from The Risk

Bruno Mars was fantastic, what an absolute superstar, for a full review of the night pop over to Alan’s review here, or continue reading for a snippet…

By Alan Greenhalgh

Gaga has her Monsters and Bruno has his Hooligans

A sky high black curtain dropped to reveal ‘Hooligans’ and Bruno Mars dressed in a blazer with Michael Jackson roll up sleeves, black hi tops, baggyish trousers and a mesmerising white Marilyn Monroe Bandana Bandit t-shirt and holding a huge-looking white electric guitar on a simple set with rectangles and cartoony graphics. Where better for him to wear his Brixton Gain fedora than the O2 Academy Brixton?

Sophie from The X Factor

Sophie from The X Factor

The night moved fast, hit after hit at some points it felt as if we were seeing the Jackson Five being reborn, or a young Elvis, Little Richard or a Chuck Berry – a heady mix from now all the way back to the 1950s.  Doo-Wops & Hooligans is Mars’ debut album released in October 2010. It’s hard to believe it’s only a year but this overnight sensation has been performing all his life, you know he’ll never live down the 1992 role as the Little Elvis in Honeymoon in Vegas but, all grown up and moving to LA, he was so broke he sold one of his early songs for $20,000 and had to put being an artist on the back burner.  He set himself up as a producer and in walked a none-the-wiser K’Naan and the football world cup winning Wavin’ Flag, then made a break through with Flo-rida’s Right Round and received a blessing from Reggae Royalty Damian Marley.   The band is a family affair with Bruno’s brother on the drums and taking a fair share of deserved limelight, collaborator and friend Philip Lawrence.

Andrew Merry and Charlie Healy from The Risk

Andrew Merry and Charlie Healy from The Risk

Skylar Grey was the support act and pierced the auditorium with the song she co-wrote with Eminem Love The Way You Lie, she joined Bruno on keyboard on stage for Twilight’s It Will Rain – a ‘prettily forlorn ballad’ the video for which will premiere on MTV in the next couple of weeks and as @brunomars tells us on twitter ‘Be patient for ya boy.. Love Yall’

Back stage was Orlando’s Johnny Magic and X-Factor’s The Risk, Janet Devlin and Sophie Habibis.

Sadly for the Zuton’s it’s Amy Winehouse who now has the call on Valerie and Bruno’s tribute with a background of pop art lips and lashes as encore stole the show and our hearts.

Five doowops out of five.

Oh yeah, the Green Room, it’s black leather, framed London scenes and drums for stools and the O2 Academy Brixton staff are the politest we’ve ever found.

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